Adirondack Alliance Church Ministries

Sunday School:

Adirondack Alliance Church offers a full program of Sunday School for all ages. The Sunday School program starts the Sunday after Labor Day and runs through Father's Day in mid-June. Classes include Nursery, Grades K-1, 2-5, Middle School and Adult. All classes focus on teaching Biblical principals so that we all may grow to become the Christians that Christ has called us to be.

Saranac Lake Food Pantry:

There is a collection box for food donations to the Saranac Lake Food Pantry in the church foyer. Pick up one of the cards that lists all of the specific food types you can donate, then pick a few of these items up the next time you're at the grocery store. Leave them in the collection box on Sunday when you come for worship. Once a month, the box is emptied and the food is transfered to the Food Pantry for distribution.

Winter Carnival Parade:

One of the longest standing traditions in Saranac Lake is that of Winter Carnival. For a period of 10 days, usually in early February, the town celebrates winter in the Adirondacks. On the closing weekend of the Carnival, the entire town turns out for the big Winter Carnival parade, an extravaganza of monumental proportions that can run for 2 hours or more.

During the parade, you'll find Adirondack Alliance Church set up at Berkley Green Park serving up free Hot Cocoa by the cup for any and all passers by. We feel that this little service to the community fills an immediate need (warmth on a normally cold day) and helps us to meet people in the community and let them meet us. We can share the warmth of Jesus Christ through hot cocoa and a warm greeting.